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São Paulo

Open Game Program

Sports and leisure activities for the community; works also in partnership with public schools and occupies public spaces with street events

Community Program

Community empowerment activities and events; Project for the Training of Social Agents and the Project on Sexuality in Action.

Integral Education Training School

Initiative designed with São Paulo State Government to implement the first integral education training school in Vila Albertina, utilizing Gol de Letra´s methodology as the curricular base. The School was established in the beginning of 2016, utilizing the building that used to be the Foundation´s headquarters for 16 years. Following an innovative model, the school´s facilities are shared with the Foundation in certain periods.

Rio de Janeiro

Two touches Program

Sports, leisure, reading, writing, computer science, arts and events open to the community.

Open Game Program (Caju)

Sports practices, integral education and strengthening of sports culture; festivals and events open to the community.

Communities Program

Assistance to families and the community; mobilization actions in networks and transversal initiatives with other projects realized in the RJ unit.

Outros Projetos


Scope of activities

The Methodology´s Dissemination Area

In action since 2009, the Dissemination sector was established to answer to the institutional requirement: Develop and disseminate the practices that contribute to social transformation. Its focus is on Gol de Letra Foundation´s knowledge management and social technological transference.

The sector educates people to acquire new skills, it produces publications, it implements projects based on Gol de Letra´s methodology concerning Integral Education, Educational Sports and Participation, acting in different social contexts via partnerships with companies and institutions.

This Project was implemented in ten Brazilian communities, in the following States: Minas Gerais, Bahia, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio de Janeiro, and Goiás. It also took place in the Federal District and in Guine-Bissau (Africa), an International Technical Cooperation initiative.

Dissemination Projects

“Sports is Nourishment”

An initiative developed with Instituto BRF, that, since 2017 contributes to guarantee the society´s right to sports, expanding the use of public spaces in Rio Verde, Goiás, to practice healthy physical activities, through actions that indicate the importance or nourishment in sports and entertainment activities.

Ginga Social Project

Designed in partnership with adidas, this project uses Gol de Letra´s methodology to strengthen sports culture and disseminate the practices of Educational Sports and Participation as a tool of social development in organizations located in communities of seven Brazilian cities: Belo Horizonte (MG), Brasília (DF), Embu das Artes (SP), Porto Alegre (RS), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Salvador (BA) and São Paulo (SP).

The process included the capacitation of the organizations and involved professionals, improving the facilities dedicated to the sports practices offered to children, young people, their families and the Community. The proposal´s appeal was transmitting Gol de Letra´s methodology to each place or city, bearing in mind each team´s adequacy potential. Ginga Social completed its cycle of execution in 2017.

Technical Cooperation: Brazil-Africa/ Guiné-Bissau

The Project takes place in Guiné-Bissau, Africa. It is entitled “Young leaders to multiply the good social-educative practices”, and it is part of the actions taken by Gol de Letra´s Dissemination section since 2010 (due to local policy issues, the Project was interrupted between 2012 and 2013.)

The Project represents the technical cooperation between the governments of Brazil and Guiné-Bissau: the National Ministry of Education of Guiné-Bissau and São Paulo Districts Association. The Brazilian reps are: Brazilian Agency of Cooperation (ABC), Gol de Letra Foundation, the UNESCO office in Brazil, Elos Institute and the Education Secretariat of Vitória City (ES).

The mission contributed to the construction and implementation of an educational center, education activities, space management and activities developed with the local Community.


Dissemination Project developed on demand and funded by Anglo American Mining Company, between 2009 and 2012. The actions were done in organizations situated in Barro Alto, Niquelândia and Ouvidor, in Goiás State. The focus was on professional capacitation to develop Integral Education projects. The results indicate contributions to the organizations´ development, as the professionals were able to educate the students and promote the empowerment of their families and communities.

Capacitation courses

The Dissemination sector offers courses, lectures and workshops for teachers and managers of governmental and private schools on Sports and Integral Education. They discuss concepts, practices and experiences focused on the development and expansion of Educational Sports and Participation in Brazil.

Knowledge Production

It is the strategy to disseminate knowledge to professionals, educational institutes and related persons. Therefore, the sector is also responsible for the publishing of books, researches, folders, and other materials), to share successful experiences of Gol de Letra´s methodology, besides contributing to other social actions and to the work of professionals of the sports and education sector.